Mission and Vision

To Be Renowned World Class Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Laminated Products


Communication Policy & Practice

Employees at all levels in San Miguel Yamamura Woven Products need to understand the company vision and support it. To do so, they have to know not only “Where are we going and why” but “What is expected of me” and “What is in it for me?“. Therefore, San Miguel Yamamura Woven Products is committed to establish and maintain good interpersonal relations with our employees through effective and systematic communication channels.


San Miguel Yamamura Woven Products’ Key Beliefs and Values

We, San Miguel Yamamura Woven Products believe in creating and balancing values for our customers. shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. We shall ensure that all our day to day and business activities are conducted in a manner that bring mutual benefits and satisfaction to all our stakeholders.



  • Supplier Partnership
  • Enhancing Shareholders’ Value
  • To Be An Asset To Our Community
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Highly Motivated and Empowered Workforce