Envirotuff Thermal Liner

Envirotuff Thermal Liner: Protects Goods from Temperature Spikes

Envirotuff Thermal Liner is your first line of defense against radiant heat and the damaging effects of UV light. Envirotuff has been protecting perishable goods during transport for over 11 years now. This innovative thermal liner has been introduced in the shipment industry in 2003. Since its introduction, Envirotuff has remained as the leading thermal liner that keeps shipment products safe and protected from temperature fluctuations.

How It Works

Envirotuff Thermal Liner works by effectively reflecting harmful radiant heat enabling the container to maintain a stable temperature. This type of liner is specially designed for shipping container insulation. Once the liner seals the container, hot and cold air will not be able to penetrate through it. Even if the container is transported overseas and in harsh weather conditions, the goods inside the container will stay protected from temperature spikes.

The thermal liner does not only prevent hot or cold air from penetrating the container but it also keeps the heat from rapidly escaping the container.

Benefits of Envirotuff Thermal Liner

Envirotuff Thermal Liner is easier to install in shipping containers. This type of thermal liner will not require any sided adhesive tapes, glues and mechanical blowers during installation. One operator is needed to install the Envirotuff liner by using the lashings that are provided. Installation is easy and fast, which saves a lot of time during shipment.

Envirotuff is effective in reflecting radiant heat enabling the goods to be shipped without any damage or spoilage. No more temperature fluctuations when the containers are installed with these thermal liners.

Envirotuff is so affordable, versatile and strong. This type of thermal liner has been thoroughly tested against wear and tear. It can withstand huge amount of pressures during shipments and transport. It is also versatile since it has so many uses such as pallet covers and freight covers.

Envirotuff Thermal Insulation Container Liner

2003 has been the exciting launch of a product set to redefine the transport of wine and many other containerised goods.
The Envirotuff Liner (ETL) is a new innovation to arrive in the marketplace and will quickly replace existing insulation alternatives due to its supreme efficiency and effectiveness.
The ETL is a product specially designed to insulate shipping containers enabling the goods within to be protected from the dangerous temperature spikes witnessed during transport.
ETL able to reflect up to 97% of the radiant heat & preventing hot or cold air coming through the sealed liner, which would affect the goods.
The ETL also prevents heat rapidly penetrating or escaping the liner thus ensuring greater temperature consistency for your cargo during transit.
Due to ETL’s affordability, ease of installation, versatility and strength, it can be used across many industries including wine, food & beverage, automotive, plastics, chemicals, computing and electronics.
ETL come with the product range of 20’, 40’ & 40’HC ISO shipping containers.


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