Harsh weather conditions nowadays can cause a substantial amount of damage to a building, resulting in extensive repair & maintenance costs. Breathable Roofing Membrane (Primera) has a high breathability level as well as longer lasting performance due to UV stabilization and the inherent structure of the membrane. Primera is well proven to be effective and is highly recommended for project remodelling involving new constructions and also re-siding.

Let Primera enhances the comfort level of your interior while keeping your maintenance cost to a minimum. This incredible creation of “breathable” application on roof and wall insulation is indeed another pride won through advanced scientific technology and is greatly applicable in the building and construction industries. A home or a pleasant working place, Primera Breathable Insulator is your ideal choice. Please find our outstanding features as below:

  1. Excellent Vapor Permeability
  2. Excellent Water Resistance
  3. UV Stabilized & High Durability
  4. Naturally Antistatic
  5. Longer Lasting Performance
  6. Reduce Condensation
  7. Extremely User Friendly
  8. Resistant against Wind Uplifts in all weather conditions.

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