Polyethylene / Moisture Barrier Laminated Woven Paper Bag


Bag Structure: 70gsm Virgin Kraft / PE Coating / 6 x 6 PE Fabric
70gsm Virgin Kraft / PE Coating / 7 x 7 PE Fabric
Bag Width: 20” ≈ 23”
Bag Length: 27.5” ≈ 43.5”
Denier: 950D +/- 50
Paper Color: White Virgin Kraft
Brown Virgin / Recycle Kraft
Printing: Maximum 4 colours job
Sewing: Bottom Sew
Optional: Bottom Sew With Heat Seal (Over Taping)
Colour Thread Sewing
Valve Bag
Perforated Bag
PE Liner Insertion
Side Gusset


Polyethylene Woven Paper Bag

The polyethylene woven paper bag is produce from brown or white kraft paper and laminated with polyethylene woven fabric. It can be print up to 4 colours and has the advantage of higher quality paper printing. Polyethylene woven paper bag is generally use in oleochemical, petrochemical and animal feed industries. Polyethylene woven paper bag is able to have the gusset feature that enable the products to stand vertically when the products are filled into the bags and assist the product location when being stored whether on rack or pallet. Beside this, anti-slip can be apply to prevent the polyethylene woven paper bag from slipping off a pallet when it is stacked. Polyethylene woven paper bag with HDPE or LDPE liner can be manually insert to the bag in order to avoid product leakage and protect moisture sensitive products. Polyethylene woven paper bag has a better tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and good moisture barrier with a lower water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) as compare to polypropylene woven paper bag.