Thermal Liner FAQ

Q1. Who makes ETL?

San Miguel Yamamura Woven Products Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the San Miguel Corporation.

Q2. What is ETL?

ETL is a product specially designed to insulate shipping containers enabling the goods within to be protected from the dangerous temperature spikes witnessed during transport.

Q3. Why use ETL?

Across all industries, moving products in standard dry shipping containers can expose the goods to severe temperature fluctuations. This can cause irreversible damage to the product resulting in lost sales & expensive insurance claims.

Q4. Where to get this ETL?

You may contact us by email or call, our related Sales Person will assist on your inquiry.

Q5. What are the different types of this product?

We supply the Enviro-tuff Liner (ETL) in two variation, full and no floor version.

Q6. Do they have both for 20& 40 FT containers?

Our ETL cater for 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC containers; full and no floor version respectively.

Q7. How does Envirotuff Thermal Liner Work?

ETL is a fully woven reflective liner that is hung into a general purpose ISO shipping container and allow for forklift loading, hand loading and slip sheet. It can reflect up to 97% of the radiant heat & preventing hot / cold air coming through the sealed liner , which would affect the goods. The ETL also can prevent heat rapidly penetrating or escaping the liner thus ensuring greater temperature consistency for your cargo during transit.

Q8. What are the advantages of using Envirotuff Thermal Liner?

The ETL is basically designed to reflect the temperature from the outside and retain the temperature inside ensuring greater temperature consistency for the cargo during transit. Because the environment within the ETL is less exposed to the fluctuations outside there is less chance the temperature inside will drop below the dew point, which can cause condensation and subsequent moisture damage.

Q9. Who used Envirotuff Thermal Liner?

ETL suitable for various industries including food and beverage, automotive, plastics, chemicals, computing and electronics.

Q10. What are the differences between ETL & Refrigerator Container?

Basically ETL function is to slowdown the heat build up and heat loss inside the container. Unlike refrigerated container, Enviro-tuff liner (ETL) does not function to maintain constant temperature inside the insulated container, rather ETL is designed and installed to minimise dangerous temperature spikes experienced during transportation and transit. Also properly installed ETL provide a closed off temperature and humidity controlled environment for the goods within. For example if outside ambience temperature is 40°C, generally the temperature difference between outside and inside ETL is approximately 8 to 10°C.

Q11. Are they designed to be used in the warehouses or for containers only?

Our ETL are designed for general purpose ISO dry container, can be utilized for both shipping and storage purposes.

Q12. Can ETL be reused / recyclable?

For existing ETL, it cannot be recyclable. The disposal method is either by landfill or by incineration. For the new fully recyclable ETL, the material can be processed and converted into a usable material again such as plastic resins.

Q13. Do you have any Oversea Distributors?

Yes, we do have Oversea Distributors in certain country for this ETL product.

Q14. Can we purchase this ETL directly from San Miguel?

For Malaysia market, you may come direct to us. For Oversea market, we will pass your inquiry to our related Distributor.

Q15. Do you provide any customized ETL / Pallet Cover services?

Yes, you may sent us your inquiry & we will come back.

Q16. Do you provide any installation guideline?

Yes, we will provide the ETL Installation DVD to our customer.

Q17. What is the MOQ for ETL?

It depend on your shipping destination.

Q18. What is the difference between ETL & Pallet Cover.

ETL suitable for FCL shipment while Pallet Cover is suitable for LCL shipment.

Q19. What is the standard size for ETL 20FT?

For ETL 20FT, the standard size is 2.35M(W) x 2.35M(H) x 7.5M(L)

Q20. What is the standard size for ETL 40FT?

For ETL 40FT, the standard size is 2.35M(W) x 2.35M(H) x 7.5M(L)

Q21. What is the standard size for Pallet Cover.

For ETL 40FT, the standard size is 1.2M(W) x 1.3M(H) x 1.2M(L)

Q22. What is the weight for this ETL?

The weight is 13kg per pc.

Q23. What is the weight for this Pallet Cover?

The weight is 1.2kg per pc.

Q24. What is the lead time for ordering the ETL.

The lead time is 21 days.

Q25. What is the lead time for ordering the Pallet Cover.

The lead time is 14 days.